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Your date is set, the venue is rented and your special bridal gown is purchased... now you’re ready to start the alterations process! Let us alter your gown to reflect that perfect fit you have envisioned for your magical day. 
In addition to bridal gowns, we alter garments for the entire wedding party, including the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, Mother of the bride and groom, flower girls and everyone in between.

Some of the common inquiries we receive are:

How far in advance to I book my first appointment?
Since brides do have a tendency to change weight prior to the wedding, we recommend booking the first appointment 6-8 weeks out from the date of the wedding, allowing extra time for out-of-town or destination weddings. Please call once you have received your dress so we can discuss how to proceed, answer your questions and to get you on our list.

How many appointments do I need?
The average bridal gown requires 4-5 fittings, with the final fitting usually scheduled about 1 week out from the wedding or departure date.

What should I bring with me to the first fitting?
For your first and subsequent fittings, bring all your undergarments, including any extra crinoline slips and your shoes.

What does it cost to alter wedding dresses?
Because wedding gowns vary greatly in construction, detail and fit, the actual cost is difficult to establish until you have your first fitting. Average costs for bridal gowns usually fall into the $200-$350 range. Some of the more common alterations (on traditional styled gowns) start at the following prices:

         Hems                                                 $95.00+
         Sides                                                    55.00+
         Bustle                                                  45.00+
         Pressing                                               50.00+
         Consultation Only*                             10.00
                   *Credited towards your costs if we do the alterations.  

Do I need to clean my gown prior to alterations?
New bridal gowns ordered through a retail or bridal merchant do not need to be cleaned. Bridal gowns purchased off the rack or samples which have been tried on numerous times, used dresses or dresses purchased online from an individual (not a bridal merchant) usually need to be cleaned.  Our policy states any worn garments need to be cleaned prior to alterations.  The time frame for cleaning bridal gowns can vary, (1-4 weeks is the average) and should not be included in the 6-8 week alterations time allowance.  Please let us know if your gown falls into one of the described categories so you can plan accordingly prior to your initial fitting to allow us sufficient time to perform your alterations.
“Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my wedding dress and my fiance’s suit. You can bet that I will recommend you to others!"
      -Kaylen and Scott

“Thank you so much for doing a stellar job of altering my wedding dress. It required a lot of attention to detail and I appreciate your hard work. Thank you for adding to the joy of our day!"

“Thank you so kindly for doing such amazing, fast and quality work on my wedding dress. You are a life saver. It fit very well with your help and I’ve recommended you to all of my friends. The wedding at Orton Park was beautiful and you helped make that happen."
     - Leah

“Thank you so much for the great service and reasonable prices for our two wedding dresses! We especially liked that you are located practically in our backyard! We will be recommending you to everyone we know! Thanks again!" 
     -Elizabeth and Angela
Do you charge extra for rush jobs?
Some rush fees may be added to your costs should you delay about initiating the alterations process during the busiest times of the bridal season. Please contact us within the previously described guidelines to make this process easy for everyone.

What does it cost to alter bridesmaid and social dresses?
Basic alteration charges for bridesmaid and other social dresses are as follows:

  Hem (2 layers)                     $45.00+
  Straps                                     20.00+
  Sides                                      45.00+

Those garments with special details such as beads, sequins or extra layers may incur additional charges.